“Boobie Bars are great! On average, one bar helped me produce 5 oz. more per day. An added bonus is that they taste great too.” - Kristin B.

"When my daughter was 6 months old my milk supply began to dwindle. With little to no success with teas and lactation cookies, my friend introduced me to Boobie Bars. Within one week I began seeing increased milk production that lasted through my daughter's first birthday. Not only did Boobie Bars increase my milk production, they were also a tasty and healthy treat I looked forward to eating every morning." - Kristin H.

Boobie Bars provided the same boost to my supply as the high calorie, time consuming lactation smoothie that I usually make to build my supply after a dip. My baby appreciated how convenient and effective Boobie Bars are. They gave me a piece of mind that dips are temporary because it is so easy to grab a bar!" - Malia C.